Best RV Camping in Southern California

Best RV Camping in Southern California

RV camping has rapidly grown as a safe alternative to traditional travel during these troubling times. Launch Pointe has the leading best RV camping in Southern California that overflows with an abundance of activities. Even during the unprecedented health climate, Launch Pointe continues to offer premier RV campgrounds in California under recommended guidelines.

Five Reasons Launch Pointe Ranks Amongst the Best California RV Parks

Launch Pointe differs significantly from other similar locations offering RV camping in SoCal. Launch Pointe is the ideal environment for locals searching for a break from cabin fever and travelers who desire adventure. Before choosing any other camping spots, you might consider the top five reasons Launch Pointe rules as the best campgrounds in southern CA.

  1. Fishing – If fishing is your preferred outdoor sport, Launch Pointe is the right camping spot for you. Lake Elsinore is continually stocked with fresh crappie, catfish, and bluegill fish and is within the proximity of William's Bait and Tackle Shop. Multiple game fish species fill the beautiful lake water to provide ample opportunity to reel in a big one. Campers will require a Lake Fishing Pass to adhere to local fish and game regulations, which they can purchase directly from Launch Pointe.
  2. RV Camper Favorite Spots in California – Launch Pointe proudly presents seven unique camping locations that offer varying amenities and services. The Loop is the name of the RV camper sector that offers long-term parking spaces. The Base Camp is a small camping spot that caters to groups less than eight. The Tracks and Trails Parkway presents prime fishing locations surrounded by lush greenery to enhance your privacy.
  3. Boating – Launch Pointe offers luxury boat rentals and charters to allow visitors to explore Southern California's largest freshwater natural reservoir. Fishing charters and all boat size rentals require boaters under age thirty-five to obtain a California Boater Card. Unfortunately, Launch Pointe cannot sell or grant boater cards under any circumstances.
  4. Amenities – At Launch Pointe, visitors can access laundry facilities, swimming pools, and shopping venues during their stay. Campers will find drinks, equipment, and other must-have items in the shop's assorted inventory. Microbrew serves beer and cocktails at a lakeside setting that overflows with an upscale ambiance. Our RV and camping locations go beyond the limitations of the ordinary to surpass your expectations.
  5. Remote Check-In – Visitors can access the remote check-in feature offered by Launch Pointe to reduce in-person interactions during these strange times in which we live. The remote check-in eliminates the need to enter Launch Pointe's main facilities to sign-in for reservations. The straightforward reservation process protects our clients' and staff's safety without hindering our services' integrity.

Book Boating and Camping Reservations Today

Launch Pointe has openings for boating and camping reservations at competitive rates that will blow you away. Besides RV camping spots, our facilities come equipped to accommodate vintage trailers and yurts. Please click here to book your reservation with Launch Pointe for the best camping and boating locations in SoCal. Get ready to enjoy kid-friendly environments with upscale atmospheres at affordable prices!

Launch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park
Best RV Camping in Southern California
32040 Riverside Dr
Lake Elsinore CA 92530

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