How Much Is It To Rent A Car

How Much Is It To Rent A Car

Cracking the mystery of how much is it to rent a car

Thinking to rent a car? Then, you must read this. Next time, you won't regret and get a better deal with a low expected price.

Renting a car is can give you many benefits until you realize how much you pay for it. Nowadays, rental companies add so many costs that it is hard to keep track of them.

Although they might be minimal charges, when you sum up, you end paying a significant amount. Also, there is a sort of "netiquette" that you need to keep to maintain the price at bay. So, in reality, how much is it to rent a car? Check here to find.

The type of vehicle

Here we talk about the model of the vehicle. In many cases, there is a range of cars. For instance, the basic level includes several models and brands. Then, you can find premium models and prices that are more expensive. Also, consider how it is because some companies think that too.

The age of the driver

Depending on the country, some companies add an extra charge for people under a certain age. In this sense, it is a good idea to ask the limits. Commonly, it is 25 years old, but it may vary.

Price per mile or per day

They can calculate the price according to the number of miles you use or the number of days. When you select the method, consider what would be the use of the car. If you are planning to travel, then it would make more sense a daily charge. Otherwise, a mile system would work best for you.

On line rent or agency rent?

Nowadays, car rental companies offer better prices and discounts when you use a website. You can use a third-party site or go directly to the car rental site. It is up to you. But if you go straight to their offices, expect a higher price.


Insurance is a complicated matter. First of all, it can have different coverage for the people or the car only. Secondly, it may cover other types and levels of accidents. Finally, it may include additional services such as the lawyer. In any case, you will have to make some decisions. Some people opt for taking the full coverage to avoid risks. However, it may increase the price in a significant proportion. If you have a credit card, perhaps you have insurance coverage any time you rent a car. So, check this benefit before renting a car the next time.

Baby/child seat

The baby/child seat is a standard accessory when you rent a car. But if you do not have a child, it would not make any sense. Make sure you mention that. If you remove the seat, you might obtain a discount. If you do have a child, you might consider buying your chair instead. That could be even cheaper.

Pick up / drop off location.

Car rental companies pay rent for the space they use for parking cars. Therefore, it plays a significant role when you pick up the vehicle. For instance, airports charge a considerable fee for keeping cars. Then the car rental company translates that fee to your contract. So, avoid airports. Then, try searching for different locations in the same city and compare. When you drop off the vehicle, you might find that taking it back to another city might increase the price.

Pre-paid fuel

When you receive the car full of gas, the company charges for it, but they charge more than it costs in a typical gas station. In this case, do not ask for full gas but do it on your own if you want to save some bucks.

Final words

Knowing how much is it to rent a car and how the companies calculate the costs is a huge advantage. Because they charge all the fees to your credit card, you can keep them all at bay. That is because the final cost is not only what you see in the ad. It is also everything they include when you return the car.

How Much Is It To Rent A Car

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