Tubbataha Liveaboard – Some Trips You Can Take in the Tubbataha Reef Right Now

If you want to take a liveaboard trip to Tubbataha but do not know where to begin, this is the right article to check out now. Learn the correct details about the Tubbataha liveaboard here.

A lot of people have said that the liveaboard trip is not something that they have experienced before. The reef system they will find underwater will just be embedded in their memories for the rest of their lives.

If you have never experienced this before, then you are missing out. You are nowhere to check out the dive liveaboard that you can take at the soonest possible time. Some people do not push through with it even if they know that the reef fish they will witness is extraordinary. The prices of different liveaboards, especially in Tubbataha, can be expensive. As long as you know how to find suitable trips, everything will be more accessible for you.

What Exactly is Liveaboard Diving?

It may be the first time that you have heard about this. You are not one of the master liveaboards yet, but it will be helpful to know some details. Liveaboards will provide you with everything that you need for an eventful and unforgettable experience. You will have an allinclusive trip that will include accommodations, dives, cabins, and meals. It may be what you have always dreamed of.

What to Expect with Liveaboard Diving

If you have always wanted to see a Hammerhead shark but do not know where to begin, this can be a fantastic experience. One of the places people would like to visit is the Tubbataha Barrier Reef, located in the Philippines. It is one of the diving spots that people dream of visiting. The fact that you can visit it will be an extraordinary experience. It would help if you planned it accordingly.

Some Liveaboard Trips You Can Take

You know that going on a Tubbataha dive can be the ultimate dream. You need to make sure that you will be prepared. Different trips are available. The prices will differ a bit, so you can choose what you want depending on your budget. Take into consideration the type of experience that you would like to have as well. If you want a luxury dive, you would need to spend more money for sure.

Try Out Infiniti

This is a dive that will be ideal for you if you want to experience some dramatic seascapes. You are bound to see some dolphins swimming alongside the boat. Some lounges and hammocks you can relax in when you are not out doing dive travel. Now is your chance to meet new people. You can also bond with people through your dives when you go to Guadalupe Island.

PY Atlantis Azores

If you do not want to be with many people during your diving trip, you need to find a smaller boat. The PY Atlantis Azores liveaboard may be precisely what you need. This boat boasts its top itineraries that cannot be experienced when aboard other boats. Expect that you will have different adventures every day while onboard. At night, you can lounge, chill, and drink with the other people on the boat.

MV Solitude One

You may want to be aboard a more spacious boat like this one. This way, you will not feel like you are too cramped in one area. Solitude One liveaboard may be the sea liveaboard that you are searching for. You are going to go through the rich shark areas of Palau. The best thing is that you can enjoy the jacuzzi when you are not doing liveaboards visits.

MY Discovery Adventure

This is one of the most spacious boats that you can check. From the name itself, you can already guess that you are in for an adventure. You may be able to go to the Solomon Islands and a lot of other places. The dive destinations that you will visit can be unique. Dive in the Philippines can be extremely friendly if you would be aboard this boat. Get a chance to dive with the whale sharks, hammerheads, and mantas right here.

M/Y Azalea Philippines

This is one of the liveaboards that you can check if you would like to be aboard a boat that comes with a fully equipped deck. You are going to be in a small group whenever you go on dives. The best thing about this is that you will get the diving trip that will allow you to access diving sites that are not accessible anywhere else. You will be going to places that can only be accessible through liveaboard trips. Many amazing Philippine liveaboards will make you feel like you want to go back. At the end of each dive, you may want to enjoy some cold drinks on board with your newfound friends.

Other liveaboard trips that you can take are through the following:

  • Philippine Siren

  • MY Resolute

  • Seadoors

Exploring Other Diving Sites in the Philippines

Let us say that you would like to explore other places in the Philippines because of the great experience in the Tubbataha Reef. Do you have any idea where you should dive next?

A lot of people would be searching for Philippine liveaboards that will be passing through Cebu and Bohol. These are other islands that are located in the Visayas Island of the Philippines. There is a marine park in Oslob Cebu wherein you do not need to dive into swimming with the whale sharks. It can be a fantastic experience, but nothing beats going on actual liveaboards.

Another place that you may want to visit when you are in the Philippines is Puerto Galera. It may be a bit underwhelming after seeing what the rest of the Philippines has to offer, but it is still excellent in its own right. There are a lot of dive courses available here. Some see it as the best place where they can learn how to dive. This way, they will be ready for their next diving trips. Various accommodations are available if in case you would choose to extend your trip minus the liveaboard.

Puerto Princesa is another nice place in the Philippines that is worth checking out. Some liveaboards will include this in the itinerary and the other places wherein marine life is just thriving. A trip to the Sulu Sea or Apo Island will be an experience that you wouldn’t want to forget. It may be an experience that you would like to do again as long as you have the budget.

Liveaboards Diving Can Be Fun

Even if you are not convinced yet, you should try doing liveaboards diving. You may be surprised by the type of experience that you are going to have. Take a look at the diving sites in the Philippines if you are searching for budget liveaboards. If you would like to try other areas, you may check Maldives liveaboards as well.

Do not hesitate to try dive Tubbataha. The Tubbataha reef liveaboard that you will experience will give you a standard of how liveaboard dives should be like. Are you ready to start saving up some money now?