Top 10 Post Pandemic Places to Travel in 2021

Are you keen on travelling after COVID-19 eases? Check out the top post-pandemic places to travel in 2021. These destinations guarantee you a refreshing time after a challenging 2020.

Where are you planning to visit in the New Year? It’s a sure thing for travel enthusiasts to look at new places to see at the turn of each year.

But 2020 has been a different year in so many ways. Marked by a sucker-punch health crisis, worldwide travel has taken a new turn since COVID hit.

A good number of countries still have their borders shut against visitors. But that doesn’t mean things are not getting better – 2021 is looking suitable for travel.

    1. Are our Travel Destinations Open?

Many beautiful locations remain closed, but more countries are opening up. Countries available to visitors have several safety and health measures in effect. So, international travellers, including American visitors, can rest easy.

Several airline operators and hospitality centres are doing their part to maintain safe and smooth international travel.

Since travel confidence is rising, vacation bookings for 2021 are experiencing a significant increase from 2020’s figures. And there’s a chance more of these tourism trips will be to international destinations.

If you’re thinking about beating the mad rush when everything normalizes, future bookings look smart. Experts say there is a high chance of travel congestions taking place in 2021 through to 2023.

But before booking your trips, you need information on the best spots to visit. In this post, we will be checking out international destinations and US locations ideal for post-pandemic visits.

    1. 10+ International Destinations to See after the Pandemic.

#1, The British Virgin Islands.

Tourists planning a sailing trip need to consider this beautiful island concentration as one site for travel in 2021.

Saba Rock is a popular converging site for sailors. And you can sail past Necker Island to take several glimpses of its high-tech, yet eco-friendly infrastructure.

Travellers to this island location are undoubtedly going to be spell-bound based on the scenery and pristine environment.

The island destination opened its doors to American visitors from December 1, 2020, so this spot is still open.

And that’s not all.

There are tons of exquisite properties for visitors to rent and max out their vacation.

As one of the best places to see after COVID, new guidelines are in place for travellers’ safety. And if you like a secluded vacation, the island has everything you need.

Protocols for safe, sustainable visits are in place at several bars around this destination.

#2, Croatia.

If you have a 2021 travel bucket list without Croatia, it’s not complete. Making the journey to Europe when COVID eases pays you off many times over.

And if you’re visiting Croatia, you’ll like to be a return visitor for sure. Chief among areas to see in Croatia is the Dalmatian Coast. The coast is an excellent location for sailing and meets several needs of land travellers too.

A massive collection of waters exuding opalescence, and a historic city backdrop diversifies this coast. If you need to stopover at a city with many destinations to explore, add this location to your bucket list.

When COVID weakens, and everything eases again, you can be sure of an eye-popping country from surrounding islands. Explore several islands and max out several stops at popular locations like Dubrovnik, Krk, and Sibenik.

People love Croatia because of the ample space it has on offer. And if you need to come back to Europe for another tour, Croatia has a new experience every time.

#3, Egypt.

Do you know that Egypt receives among the largest chunk of international travellers each year? Egypt ranks as one of the first places for tourism enthusiasts to visit.

And this country is home to some of the first cultural sites known to man. This country has a lot of history in its locations – so much space for social distancing.

If you’re wary about visiting a crowded site, you can get to any lake along this country’s coast.

Egypt has everything to give you a lasting impression of what Africa can offer. Add it to your bucket list for an unforgettable experience.

Who knows?

Locations like Sharm el-Sheikh, Ras Mohammed, Nuweiba, etc. could be your favoured spots for years to come!

#4, France.

Brand new hotels, an ever-thriving hospitality sector with the exquisite scenery, and more, France has it all.

Even if some restrictions are still in effect across France, it’s sure not to last long. And when all restrictions are lifted, two spots should be on your travel list – Paris and the Riviera.

Lovebirds flock to the City of Light each year, but most fail to see picturesque scenes south of France.

If you like several doses of fashion, style, and bustling city life, make Paris your choice. But if you want a more cultural country experience, shun the city and head to southern France.

No matter how you want to visit France, it’s a place for any traveller, any day. And when there’s no more red tape, you can be sure of an experience you won’t forget for long.

#5, Greece.

If you need your next holiday location to have the largest concentration of picturesque scenes and more, choose Greece.

Even with most of Europe shut and a sustainable travel plan not yet functional, Greece will be open in 2021. That’s good news for any traveller that needs to see some of nature’s well-preserved wonders.

Greece has a ton of islands and history-filled locations to explore. If you don’t wish to visit Athens’ ancient capital city, rush to other islands along Greece’s Mediterranean coastline.

Aside from the Ionian Islands, other world-class sites line the Aegean capable of wowing any traveller.

#6, Italy.

Ranked as a world-class destination for any traveller, Italy has several locations you need to see.

Read up on locations rated as traveller favourites in Italy. You will be thrilled enough to make this country your next stop.

Italy has one of Europe’s most extensive beaches, making it a candidate for any traveller to loosen up. Going through COVID restrictions has been challenging, and Italy will help you get refreshed in no time.

Among the best places to see in Italy are the Amalfi coastal area, Bay of Naples, Sardinia, and many more.

#7, Kenya.

Kenya has many national parks and is one of Africa’s choicest holiday destinations. Apart from Kenya’s national parks, this Eastern Africa destination is home to some of our planet’s captivating destinations.

Even if Kenya doesn’t have many beaches, it makes up for it with its green landscapes.

Make your way to the capital, Nairobi, if you need to relax in some world-class hotels. And Kenya is known for its large concentration of hospitality centres in its urban areas.

That’s not all!

You can max out your experience in Kenya after COVID with a safari into the jungle. Several guides are available to help you get more from your sojourn in Africa.

#8, Rwanda.

Sustainable protocols for safe reopening are in effect across Rwanda. So, if you’re keen on an early 2021 to-travel list, add this African paradise to your stopovers.

Rwanda limits the number of visitors it allows at each point so that you can be sure of no hassle during your stay.

You can stop by Volcanoes National Park and soak in some of nature’s finest scenes. Also, seeing Gishwati Mukura National Park is another major choice for repeat visitors.

And in 2021, a word in the rumour mill says Mantis Kivu Queen will be cruising through Lake Kivu. If you need a luxury houseboat experience, this lake has all you want.

#9, South Africa.

A safari? Fashion? White wine? Beaches? You name it! South Africa has them all!

Rated as one of Africa’s premium locations to see, visitors worldwide are never disappointed. Read through several COVID travel advisories before heading to SA early.

But with nearly all African nations welcoming tourists, South Africa may be fully available by mid-year.

If you’re looking for a location to party, relax, and play, check out The Rockefeller Hotel opening in 2021. An urban oasis sited in Cape Town. The hotel will host several state-of-the-art facilities for visitors to enjoy.

#10, Tahiti.

For people that know the world’s best travel locations, Tahiti is always a high-ranking choice. Nearly no Southern Pacific destinations closed up during COVID, so Tahiti is an early location to stopover.

And here’s the catch for travellers to Tahiti – there is no quarantine period needed for US visitors. No visa is required too.

Tahiti also has a Common Cancellation Policy in effect. This means those travellers who fail to visit due to border closures or failed tests need not worry.

And that’s just the travel arrangement part – when you get to Tahiti, you’ll be wowed in an instant.

Almost ten dozen islands make up Tahiti, making it one world-renowned archipelago for multiple stopovers.

#11, Tunisia.

Archaeological sites, villages by the seaside, old medinas, and more give Tunisia a world-class status.

And if you’re looking for a luxury hotel to rest in after sunbathing, Tunisia has several spots you’ll love. Berber cuisine, a new Anantara Tozeur Resort, and other eye-catching attractions are a must-see.

#12, Slovenia.

Slovenia has been a spot set aside by tourists for long. But in 2021, Slovenia is set to be one of the world’s most visited locations. With Ljubljana named as the green capital, Slovenia has several sustainable infrastructures fully-functional.

Lovers of continental cuisine will surely love Slovenian dishes. Six restaurants got Michelin stars across Slovenia in 2020. So, several foodies can stimulate their taste buds when in Slovenia.

And if your sights are set on eye-catching scenery, the Grand Plaza Hotel opens in 2021.

#13, Maldives.

Several visitors don’t fail to make it to the Maldives. But even if the Maldives is a well-known location, including it on your travel list is always a great idea.

Every day at this Indian Ocean paradise plush with green landscapes is a welcome development after COVID.

And if safety during COVID is your focus, several hospitality centres offer PCR testing for on-site visitor checks. Several loyalty programs are also in effect to reward return visitors to the Maldives.

#14, Mexico.

Mexico remains open to visitors from the US. And there is so much more to Mexico than its beaches. The destination has a collection of outstanding locations every visitor should love.

Are you planning to stopover at the Yucatan city, Merida? Several improvements to Merida have given it the status as the world’s best small city.

Food lovers are sure to be back in this destination in no time. Including Mexico in your travel list also comes with some cultural delights. And if you’re keen on getting a close look at Mexico’s landscapes, stunning locations like Casa Adela are spell-binding.

#15 Dominica.

With many leafy rainforests and cultural attractions, the Windward Island location is a hotspot for nature enthusiasts.

Hurricane-proof buildings are springing up across several parts of Dominica. And with a bustling infrastructural base, facilities to cater to your needs aren’t hard to spot.

#16, New Zealand.

Several return visits to New Zealand cannot be a bad thing in any way. The nation ranks high among locations that handled COVID well from its onset. And based on its immense tourism infrastructure built over the years, tourists will flock here in 2021.

#17, Qatar.

If you’re looking for a pristine location to visit by the Arabian Sea, Qatar should be your first choice. With several major events slated to happen in Qatar from 2021, expect tons of co-visitors whenever you touch down.

Qatar Clean is one of the responses to COVID 19, initiated by Qatar’s government. So, if you need the best hygiene practices when on vacation, Qatar is an excellent choice.

The massive rush to improve Qatar currently has more than a hundred properties in development. Most of these high-class properties will be available in 2021. So, you can be sure of an excellent time in one of Asia’s hottest destinations for visitors.

    1. Best Places to Visit in America after COVID.

Are you currently living in the US, Canada, or Mexico?

Do you need a popular location close to home for a vacation?

Don’t have the budget to go on an international trip? Or do you live abroad and would like to visit some of America’s best places?

Several locations in the US are great for refreshing post-COVID visits. So, if you are planning your visit from Canada, Mexico, or the US, these are well-known vacation spots to consider,

        1. Yellowstone National Park.

Sited around Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, the world’s first national park, Yellowstone is a place to visit. Even if there are more than five dozen national parks in America, this spot racks up more visits annually.

Since COVID hit, travellers have faced restrictions from all sides of this national park. But one thing is sure from 2021 – a massive number of travellers will return to this spot.

If you are keen on visiting a national park filled with history, it doesn’t get any better than Yellowstone Park.

Nantucket, Massachusetts.

If you’re planning on including isolated locations on your travel list, you need to add Nantucket. The location is nearly totally deserted, save for birds that hover around its coastline.

Visitors planning to visit new places in the summer of 2021 can leverage this destination to its full advantage.

Several dune-backed beach areas litter the coastline, and you can be sure of captivating scenes from sunrise to sunset.

Cobblestoned streets also line numerous areas around town, and you can get cheap cuisine if you’re on a budget.

Honolulu and Kauai, Hawaii.

If you’re keen on touching down on a location that captures the South Pacific aura, Hawaii has all you need. With a combo of Polynesian culture blended into American life, Hawaii is a paradise at home you can’t skip.

So many places are available to make your trip worthwhile in Hawaii. Chances are you may not have the budget to see every site.

That’s why it’ll be great to check out two favoured destinations – Honolulu and Kauai.

With a stretch of lava beds barren for several years, you can be sure of a secluded time in Honolulu. The welcoming nature of people in Hawaii is more evident when it’s your first stopover in Honolulu.

But if you are looking for more captivating scenery, Kauai is a place to see.

Fondly called the Garden Isle, Kauai is an area laden with emerald valleys. If you’re looking for great spots to landscape, the sharp spires formed on mountains and jagged cliffs are a must-see.

The tropical rainforest orientation of Kauai makes it’s Na Pali coastal area a major tourist hotspot. And if your sights are set on visiting a canyon, make the ten-mile-long Waimea your favoured destination.

Hikers looking to loosen up after COVID will surely max out at Kauai’s Nounou Trails too.

Hawaii has the full package close to home. All you need to do is go and see it.

Other locations to visit around the US are,

  • Aspen, Colorado – skiing town, high-class restaurants, boutiques, opera.

  • Tucson, Arizona – Saguaro National Park, 350 day sunshine per year, Sonora Desert Museum, Mount Lemmon Byway.

  • Juneau and Fairbanks, Alaska – Northern light hub.

  • Outer Banks, N. Carolina – state parks, shipwreck dive sites, beaches.

  • Orlando and Miami, Florida – Disney World, beaches, water parks, volcano bay

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma – Greenwood Rising, concerts, special events.

    1. FAQs

      1. Where should I vacation in 2021?

Best International Destinations for a 2021 Vacation.

  • The British Virgin Islands,

  • Croatia,

  • Egypt,

  • France,

  • Greece,

  • Italy,

  • Kenya,

  • Maldives,

  • Mexico,

  • New Zealand,

  • Qatar,

  • Rwanda,

  • Slovenia,

  • South Africa,

  • Tahiti,

  • Tunisia,

  • Dominica,

  • Korea and

  • Spain.

Best Places to Vacation in the US.

  • Glacier National Park,

  • Nantucket, Massachusetts,

  • Honolulu and Kauai, Hawaii,

  • Yellowstone National Park,

  • Aspen, Colorado,

  • Saguaro National Park, Tucson,

  • Juneau and Fairbanks, Alaska,

  • Outer Banks, N. Carolina,

  • Orlando and Miami, Florida and

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma.

      1. Where should I go for New Year’s 2021?

  • New York, United States,

  • Sydney, Australia,

  • Edinburgh, Scotland,

  • Berlin, Germany,

  • Paris, France,

  • Tokyo, Japan and

  • Honolulu, Hawaii.

      1. What is there to do in 2021?

  • Solo travel,

  • Signing on for ballet classes,

  • Registering for a fitness program,

  • Better dieting choices,

  • See a movie in the cinema every fortnight,

  • Teach yoga,

  • Organize monthly family dinners,

  • Take on a new vocation,

  • Learn a new skill,

  • Get a degree,

  • Join the army,

  • Get married and

  • Become a parent.

      1. What will travel be like in 2021?

With Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and other vaccines in circulation, travel will be better in 2021. However, several safety protocols, particularly for air travel, will still be in force until vaccines get to the global population.

    1. Bottom Line.

Since COVID-19 took the world stage in 2020, many have forgotten what real travel is. Travel restrictions, strict protocols, bans, and the like have wiped off most fun from lively trips we were used to pre-pandemic.

But with several vaccines currently in public administration, we can be sure of sustainable travel in the New Year. That’s why it’ll help a great deal to check out the top places to travel in 2021.

Many of these spots have all you need to loosen up after a restrictive 2020. And if you are planning a visit outside the United States, some locations are in countries with eye-popping scenery.

Max out what these spots offer, and get that tourism trip you have always fancied.

If you check out your travel advisory and see that some of these spots are currently closed, don’t despair. Many of these locations will be available next year so that you can get back outdoors without hassle.