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Amazing Greek Islands You Need To Visit

Greece ranks as one of the best countries to visit when it comes to tourism. Several beautiful and amazing islands in this country are sure to tickle your fancy. For any tourist, potential tourist or anyone who just wants a good spot for relaxation or holiday, visiting any of these amazing islands should be on the top of their list.

There are thousands of islands in Greece, and each has its aura and charm that will completely submerge you into the awesomeness of nature. These islands offer fantastic beaches, fanciful coastlines, Mediterranean climate, and the islands boast specific archaeological sites and captivating local customs. There is little or no surprise that Greek Islands are widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost destinations. 

You might begin to wonder which of these amazing islands you should visit or visit first. Each Island has its charm, uniqueness, and, peculiarity and I have carried out research and, below is an overview of 15 of the very best islands in Greece that you definitely should visit.


This is unarguably among the most beautiful and fascinating islands in Greece you should visit. It boasts of the historically hilly capital of Argostoli, the stunning Melissani cave and, Myrtos beach. You’ll find it difficult to stop taking pictures of these amazing islands the immediately you step foot there. 

The hilly capital of Argostoli will captivate your sight with whitewashed buildings, excellent taverns, and fantastic historical buildings. The Melissani cave’s clear blue water would tempt you to want to have a feel of it. Mind you; however, you are not allowed to swim in the Melissani cave, but you can take a boat tour to explore this stunning cave.


 If you’ve ever read about Greek islands in the past, then you do not doubt that Santorini would make this list, right? The whitewashed volcanic Island of Santorini is rightly regarded among the best’s islands in Greece by locals and tourists alike. The Island is rocky, full of cliffs, and offers an incredibly stunning view. It is no fluke that this Island is possibly the pick of Greece’s bunch. 

Santorini island is situated in the Cyclades, and its incredible landscape was shaped by a massive volcanic eruption that occurred thousands of years ago. This Island is also regarded as one of the world’s best romantic and honeymoon destinations. If you’re wondering what else makes Santorini so special, consider the fact that it also boasts of palliated buildings, tall cliffs, cliff-top villages, and incredible sunset.

The iconic villages in Santorini are located along the caldera that was left behind following the sinking of Santorini’s centre as a result of the volcanic eruption. These iconic villages feature a unique range of Cycladic architecture. This is a must-visit place for tourists or those looking for a perfect honeymoon destination. 


If you are looking for an island with the best nightlife and clubbing, then you must seriously consider Mykonos. However, to correct a common misconception, there is a lot more than Mykonos has to offer apart from just late-night bars and clubbing. It also boasts of amazing beaches, intriguing history, and lots of refining activities to sure you enjoy your adventure to the utmost.

Mykonos is a famous island and one of the best option for those seeking to travel alone. Visiting the Mykonos islands will allow you to explore the Cyclades islands.


Crete is the largest Island in Greece, and it is rich with beaches historical sites and hike. Crete Island is not just large; it is also one of the most beautiful islands on offer, with endless sandy beaches and stretches of sky blue coastline to explore and enjoy. 


This Island is situated on the western part of the Cyclades, and it is famous for its extraordinary landscapes. As a result of the Island’s volcanic history, it has a stunningly diverse coastline with white beaches standing against rocks of various colours such as; orange, pink and red. The Island plays hosts fascinating rock formations well as rich green waters and stunning caves.

Milos Island boasts of unarguably the fascinating coasts among the Greek islands. The astonishing lunar landscape of Sarakíniko is regarded as the most photographed spot on the Island with secluded rocky caves and crystal-clear waters. Other fascinating things that will make you want to consider visiting Milos Island are the mysterious catacombs, great seafood, and hotels. 


Rhodes Island is a historically rich island and has been inhabited since the advent of the Stone Age. The Island’s ancient town, which comprises of a network of fabricated streets, fountains and old-age statues forms a massive part of the Island’s fascination.

You cannot be anything short of being fascinated by Rhodes. You could tour the ancient Acropolis of Lindos and the Knights Citadel. The Island stands at 116 meters higher than sea level, enabling you to view the artistic village of Lindos as well as the striking Doric Temple of Athena Lindia.

Aside from its delightful history, it also offers plenteous beaches, perspicuous waters, and fun-filled nightlife and you can visit the famous Tsambika Beach. However, if you’re just looking to relax and enjoy, then you need to visit the Kallithea Springs. The fantastic thing about the Kallithea springs is that it has a private beach and spa facilities and the sweltering therapeutic waters are enhanced so that it gives a thrill restorative oasis.


Paros Island is situated in the essence of the Aegean Sea, and it is widely regarded as the ideal Island for anyone who worships’s the sun. It is most renowned for its crystal-clear waters and golden sands. The Island also boasts of unique small, significant, concealed, and well-known beaches, some of which include; Kolymbithres, Santa Maria and Kalogeros.

If you are a lover of sea sports, then Paros Island is just for you as it is renowned for kite and windsurfing. The Island has in the past hosted international kite-surfing and windsurfing tournaments, and you can even learn how to windsurf and kitesurf at Pounta or Chrysi Akti beach.


Lovers of nature will find it delightful to walk through the beautiful parts of this Island. Although Skiathos belongs to the class of the smaller Greek islands, it no doubts makes a great place to visit for a relaxing break. Skiathos Island is a beauty to behold. It is endowed with a pleasing natural aura which combines beautiful pine forests with unbelievable perspicuous water and several amazing beaches that you would love to visit. The most renowned of all is Koukounariés-the most beautiful beach in the entire Mediterranean located on the Island’s southwest.

There are a lot of fascinating spots that you could visit in Skiathos. From the Lalaria Beach to the Il Kastro, you could relax and watch the sunset and also explore the local Greek delicacies (which I am sure you will find delicious) in one of the hundreds of little taverns located on the Island.

 9. KOS

Kos Island is situated near the coastline of Turkey, and it is renowned for being endowed with ancient vestiges. In Kos Town, you will find a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman architecture, and the top fascinating sites include the Roman Odeon, Ancient Agora, and the antique Knights Castle. Featuring one of the most extraordinary displays of Greek monuments and stunning artworks, the Kos Archaeological Museum is one of the most famous and amazing spots anyone can visit in Kos.

Without any doubt, Asklepion is the most famous site in Kos. This site is an antique healing sanctuary and is widely regarded as consecrated to the god known as Asclepius. This site is located on a hilltop, giving tourists and fun-seekers alike a stunning panoramic view of Kos Town. The coastline runs for more than a whopping 290 kilometres! This means that whenever you choose to relax after sightseeing, there are so many beaches to choose from! Isn’t that amazing? 


For everyone looking for an island rich with novel Greek culture, then the Karpathos is the Island for you to visit. Here, ancient practices are retained and uniquely preserved as it boasts of the age long-suppressed village of Olympos, where antique languages are said to be kept alive. Karpathos is uniquely famous for its enduring traditional practices. You’ll also find beautiful blue coves, wild mountains, and golden sand beaches, with fantastic trekking trails that lead to places that are not accessible by car.

Local women on this Island still wear traditional dress and men harvest their crops with scythes. Whenever the Island’s local hold festivals and feasts, musicians play the bagpipes, lyre, and Lauto as they sing gracefully in the style of their highly esteemed ancestors.

Who would not want to visit an island rich with authentic Greek culture?

 11. SYMI

There’s hardly anyone who won’t be stunned by Symi’s colourful harbour. Although a relatively small island, it is surrounded by stately grandeur buildings from all sides of the Island.. 

There are several fascinating attractions you can find in Symi Island, and some of them include the Fish Market, the Timiou Prodromou Monastery and the Clock tower. The shops on the Island sell varieties of local handmade items that include ceramics, jewellery, honey, and paintings of local artists’. There are also beautiful beaches that boast of perspicuous waters and plenteous sea life.


Lefkada Island is widely regarded as the Caribbean of Greece’s a result of its alluring blue waters. Stunning cliffs and posh greenery also encompass it, and its incredible beaches have never ceased to captivate visitors. The Island is located just off the coast and connected by a bridge and causeway, thus making it accessible by car.

It ranks as an exceptional island to visit if you prefer a quiet and serene environment as the Island is a lot more peaceful than most of the other famous Greek islands. It is worth noting that some of Lefkada’s most famous beaches, including Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, and Egremni are all located on the Western coast. Lefkada’s green interior, green hills, ageless villages, and uncultivated olive groves will also make your visit to the Island enjoyable.

 13. ANDROS 

Andros is one of the most mountainous islands on this list. The good thing, however, is that it makes a perfect hiking site with its whole heap of mountain ranges and rugged coastal villages. It is also home to Agios Petros-an amazing and beautiful sand beach.

The Monastery of Panachrantos located on the Island makes for an incredible experience if you desire to explore the history and the stunning Cave Forums, will keep you fascinated.

 14. CORFU

Corfu is highly regarded as a good as a family holiday destination, boasting of lots of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, swimming, and snorkelling. Located on the west side of Greece, Corfu is one of the larger northerly islands.

There is a common misconception that Corfu is all about cosy holidays and boozy lads nights out. However, this is a bit far from the truth. Admittedly, there are a couple of spots that are specially designed to cater to the party crowd, but a large part of the island is so unique and memorable that it makes the perfect spot for tourists to explore.


Amorgos is the perfect Island for loners, hikers, divers, and pilgrims. It boasts of the ancient Monastery of Hozoviotissa which also makes it the perfect site for those who love to explore history. The Island’s water is stunningly blue and at the same time astonishingly clear. This means that you can see every sea creature in the water as they go about their duties on the rocky seafloor. The sage-scented hiking trails were named Blue Paths, as a result of the visibility of the sea and sky from all angles.

If you love hiking or diving and are planning to visit a Greek island, then you should see the breathtaking Amorgos Island.


If you are spoilt for choice concerning which Greek Island to visit, you are not alone. These islands are amazing and fascinating, and reading about them will only make you crave to see all of them. With that in mind, the choice of the Island you eventually choose to visit ultimately depends on your tastes, hobbies, or if you are looking for the perfect holiday or honeymoon spot. 

Perhaps, you have not planned a trip to Greece in your schedule; it’s worth everything in its coin to visit any of these islands if you desire to experience the real thrill of nature, adventure, and fun. Whether you want to explore Greek heritage, lounge on a remote beach, or dance the night away – there’s an island just for you in Greece.