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Thailand is said to be one of the most popular and largest tourist spots in the world. It is a thriving multicultural destination, and it is the perfect combination of historical insights and cultural scenes that make Thailand one of the interesting places to visit. You can get lots of tourist opportunities in this single place. 

You will never get disappointed by the endless sights, friendly local people, vibrant nightlife and nonstop shopping destinations. If you are planning to visit an international location for your next vacation, Thailand will make your all dreams come true. If you stay in London, you can get cheap one-way multi-city flights from London to Thailand.

More than 16 million foreigners travel to this place every year. It is one of the favourite travel destinations in Asia and offers a wide range of tourist spots and activities to do and enjoy. When you travel to Thailand, you will swarm of travellers visiting this place, but you will see that cultural integrity is maintained in all parts of the country. Thailand is one such nation that has avoided the colonization and has quickly absorbed the Western culture while maintaining the rich heritage. 

Though there is travel restriction due to Covid 19, people can again book one-way flights to Thailand that will take you to Thailand or at the nearby airports. Among all the places in Thailand, Chiang Mai is one of the most visited cities in Thailand. The travel restrictions have become quite liberal, and hopefully, after Sep 2020, travellers can visit Thailand from all parts of the world. 

Small Island in Thailand

Know About Some Thailand Travel Facts

  1. This country is divided into 77 provinces or Changwat. Thailand was previously known as Siam till 1939 and again from 1945-1949. But Thailand has got the name due to the popularity of the term among tourists. 
  2. The current population is about 64 million. This population comprises of 75% of ethnic Thais, Chinese 14%, and the rest population comprises of immigrants from neighbouring nations as well as the tribal people. 
  3. The main religion of the country is Buddhism, and Islam is the largest minority religion. Still, all the Thais also practice some of the other forms of animism, which is also called spirit worship.
  4. The country was under the constitutional monarchy since 1932

Whether you want to come to Thailand from London or the United Arab Emirates, you can find a lot of airlines or cheap flights that travel to Thailand. 

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand?

The weather of this place is divided into three categories- the rainy season, which is from May to October, a cool climate which is between November to February and hot monthly days from March to May. The rainy season is between June and August and the peak season to visit this country is between September and October. But the cold weather is the best season to travel to Thailand as the country remains pleasant during this period. During the summer days, when the temperature hits the place, the beach activities become popular. So, the best time to go to Thailand is during the cool seasons. Here the weather is manageable and less rain. You can get return one-way multi flights to nearby airports or Thailand. 

How to travel to Thailand

The best way to travel to Thailand is with cheap airlines. Thailand has currently 7 international airports- Chiang Mai, Phuket, Ko Samui, Bangkok, Hat Yai, Krabi and Don Muang. Almost all the travellers who are visiting Thailand mostly travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Airfares to this country depend on various seasons, the highest from November- Mid-Feb when the weather is best. Even the travellers are mostly seen during July and August as the families go for a vacation to this country as all the schools remain close. If you are planning to travel to Thailand from London or other places, you should book flights a few months before the visiting date to avail the tickets at reasonable prices. 

The cheapest way to get an affordable flight is to buy a flight to Bangkok and then separately take domestic flights to the nearby airports. However, there are several seasonal and international routes to Phuket that includes the direct one way or the multi-way one route flights, and there are several flights from Australia as well. 

Most of the international airlines come to Chiang Mai, Ko Samui and Don Muang from Malaysia, Singapore and China. Krabi also handles some of the seasonal and charter one way flights from Scandinavia and the Korean airlines from Seoul is one of the popular routes for the American visitors at the Chiang Mai airport that links Myanmar and Laos as well. This indicates that many multi-way Thailand flights bring tourists from all over the world to the country. 

How to travel around Thailand and nearby places

Travelling to Thailand is cheap and efficient, but it is not speedy. For example, the long-distance journeys across the land can be too tiring, mainly when you have a tight budget. This is the reason why there are so many transport options are becoming so popular to make getting around Thailand easy and smooth. The trains in Thailand are slower, but they are safer options. Even there are chances that tourists can sleep overnight on the train. If you want to get scenic natural beauty, you can travel across the nation by train. 

Accommodation in Thailand

As it is one of the most visited travel spots in the world, there are so many accommodation facilities available. The hotels range from luxury, budget-friendly to cheap hotels. Even the travellers can stay at the resorts or at the homestays. Most of Thailand’s budget accommodations are the guesthouses and the bungalows. They are small in size, and they are travel friendly, and you can get excellent services. You can check the prices of these hotels online or consult with a travel agency before booking. 

Accommodation in Thailand

Book Thailand cheap flights and make your vacation memorable by consulting with one of the reputed travel agencies.