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Manila is one of the largest cities in the Philippines and among the most visited cities in the world. If you love shopping and old artefacts, you will surely love Manila. To reach Manila, you will fly to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA that serves Manila and other places nearby. Lots of direct flights to Manila are available for tourists globally. Tourists have to get down at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and then take cars or cabs to the respective hotels

Why Manila Is Your Favourite Tourist Destination

If you love large cities, you will fall for Manila. It is a high-speed and frenetic place where you can eat, drink and shop all day and which is a mixture of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese and American cultures. As like many other capital cities, Manila has a minimal resemblance to the central city. This city is having a population of about 13 million, which is a little bit overcrowded and polluted and suffer from excessive traffic throughout the day long. 

Yet in between all these, you can get a similarity with the city of NYC. To reach to this city, you can get cheap flights to and fro Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Spend a day here, and you can get a glimpse of two different phrases of life- in one side, you can poor children cleaning car windows or dancing or begging for food at every corner of the street, and on the other side, you can see huge shopping malls where wealthy and fashionable people hook up with iPhones to spend an evening. 

Manila Philippines

A Brief Idea Of Manila City

Technically 16 cities and 1 municipality make what is called the Metro Manila which covers an area of 636 square km. Tourists can explore some of the major sights like Intramuros, Manila Bay and Makati in just a few days which are notable tourist attractions. Manila also takes pride in offering high-quality restaurant scenes, nightlife and pubs. 

The city dwellers do spend a reasonable amount of time together with close friends and family members. If you want to spend a memorable vacation, you can book your tickets for Philippines airlines and land at Aquino International Airport, which is connected to nearby airports. 

Accommodation facilities in Manila

Most of the budget accommodations in Manila are located in the Manila Bay area, in the enclave of Ermita and Malate region, which also has lots of cheap restaurants, nightclubs, bars and tourist spots. In recent years, some reasonably priced hotels have sprung up, and there are several 5-star hotels located along Manila Bay adjoining historic Manila hotel. You can return one way to Manila Aquino International Airport from nearby airports in cheap flights and enjoy your vacation here. Even you can book some mid-budget hotels in the place to save money on accommodation. You can also avail one-way international cheap flights to Manila and have your stay there. The cheap flights to Manila are widely available. However, you can check the rates beforehand to make a travel budget. 

Manila Marriott Hotel

When Is The Best Time To Fly To Manila

Not all the seasons are perfect for travelling; hence, when you are visiting someplace, you should know the perfect season or best time to travel. If the place is Manila, you should do extensive research and find out which is the best time. Manila is best to fly during the dry months between Octobers to April. 

In dry months, all the shopping malls and hotels are packed with guests. Hence, it would help if you did a study while choosing a hotel or any accommodation facility. In Manila, you can get a lot of accommodation options where you can stay in Manila. Some accommodations are luxurious, whereas some ate budget-friendly. You can get direct flights from anywhere to Manila, these flights are one-way flights to Manila. 

You can book Philippines airlines to visit Manila and nearby areas. Before you book cheap flights to Manila, you should know which are airlines are available and the rates before you choose. It is quite apparent that during the peak seasons, the rates of flights and hotels are relatively high. 

What You Should Know Before You Visit Manila

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, and this place is best for food, history, tradition and culture. If you are looking for the perfect international tourist spot, Manila is perfect. Each year, 6 million tourists come to this Asian city and its primary airport Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is recently upgraded. More and more number of travellers are booking cheap flights to Manila. 

Manila is said to be one of the top popular global destinations in the world, and it is famous for culture and sightseeing. Tourists mainly like the fresh and stylish galleries, incredible restaurants and world-famous casinos. There is something great about this place which attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. If you want to come back to your nation from Manila, you can get return one-way cheap flights. 

Popular airlines that fly to Manila Aquino Airport

There are various direct airlines available globally. You can book flights to Manila at cheap rates if you carefully book the tickets. There are lots of platforms that help you to find out the cheapest flights to Manila Ninoy Aquino airport, hundreds of airlines like Cebu Pacific, Emirates and Philippines airlines are found from where you can book flights. You can provide your specific dates of travelling and get the rates. If you want to book cheap flights to Manila Ninoy Aquino, you can choose from Cathay Airway Flights, Oman air flights, Eithad airways flights, AirAsia flights, Malaysia airlines flights, Singapore flights and so on. 

Popular airlines that fly to Manila Aquino Airport

If you want to get cheap flights to Ninoy Aquino airport or nearby airports, you can first compare various fight fares from multiple booking platforms that choose yours depending upon time and season. There are lots of things to do in the Philippines as there is no such destination in the world so quiet like Manila.